Redefining the
CBD landscape.

By far the largest hemp cultivator in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in agricultural chemistry and have become familiar with key factors in the hemp cultivation cycle. By understanding and optimizing the process, we can consistently supply high-quality, CBD-rich hemp biomass to our state-of-the-art extraction facilities and the global CBD market.

EU Integrated and Approved

Fully integrated and sanctioned to EU standards to capitalize on the increasing European demand for cannabinoid-based products.

Strategically Licensed

Fully licensed for cultivation, extraction, formulation sales and exports including a medicinal CBD license in Poland.

Proprietary Inputs

We own a proprietary, EU-registered high CBD content strain of hemp as well as a patented microelement fertilizer.

The Stillcanna Cultivation Market Advantage

  • image description 1,500 hectares of hemp planted in 2019.
  • image description Hemp cultivation scalable to 5,000 hectares planted per year.
  • image description Proprietary inputs and processes for consistent, high-yield cultivation.
  • image description One of only three companies within Europe to have its own proprietary and registered hemp seed.



Phase 1

  • Hemp planted 1,500 Hectares
  • Estimated biomass 525,000 kg
  • CBD yield 36,000 kg*

In managing 1500 hectares of hemp, the planting, maintenance and harvesting are carefully planned to maximize the Company’s agricultural equipment. The Company plants and harvests in stages, with planting happening over a 60-day period and harvesting happening over a 60-day period.

* Should the flower contain 7% CBD by volume.

Phase 2

  • Projected hemp planted 3,000 Hectares
  • Estimated biomass 1,050,000 kg
  • Estimated CBD yield 72,000 kg*

We plan to double our production in 2020, expanding to 3,000 hectares of planted hemp.

* Should the flower contain 7% CBD by volume.

Phase 3

  • Projected hemp planted 5,000 Hectares
  • Estimated biomass 1,750,000 kg
  • Estimated CBD yield 122,000 kg*

We further plan to increase production in 2021, expanding to 5,000 hectares of planted hemp.

* Should the flower contain 7% CBD by volume.

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